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Blue in This Country - Excerpt


Today my daughter is a miracle
rushing into the huge white sky
that is the playing field tipped with snow
up to the blanched horizon.

What astonishes is the brightness of her colours;
never before have I seen the sweetness
of purple
the intense bloom of it so clearly

as her purple coat, purple hat with two
pink pompoms
purple mitts luminous as tropical birds at the ends
of her swinging arms.

My child’s legs
have the thin beauty of a flamingo’s
pink tights in pink snow boots
thudding confidently up the path to school.

She is alone in the snowy world, this wondrous
child, one minute late and running
when she unexpectedly turns, flaps her purple and pink
lunch kit
at me in gleeful acknowledgement

of something, my dumfoundedness
from the car, perhaps,
or merely saying hello and goodbye
from the wide white rim of morning.

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