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Peering into another world

When I write, I often feel I am peering into another world. How odd are writers? Well, seeing things that aren’t there and talking to people who don’t have a physical existence—that might get us locked away in some Read more

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Daughter (Part 3)

Good news, I say to the universe. Is that so much to ask? My favourite line from Fiddler on the Roof; “Would it upset some vast eternal plan if I were a wealthy man?” I throw out my Read more

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Daughter (Part 2)

A phone call from your dad at home to say my tea is still on the counter. Yes, I realized that half-way to the ferry, could see my stainless steel travel mug by the spalted maple bowl on the Read more

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Daughter (Part 1)

Dearest, isn’t this how the nicest letters begin? News from the front, the wartime graininess of black and white film, the jerkiness of uniformed soldiers moving in what is emphatically not a joke. Dearest, how dark we are Read more

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Magic: my buddies the Muddy Lotus Wonder Women

Magic is where you find it, on the water, in the garden, in a book.


Wonder Women. Some are old friends, one person turns out to live just down the block from me. These wonderful human beings are Read more

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