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Colour of Winter Air - Excerpt

Green Tomato Chutney Poem

vinegar sings in the nose
the kitchen bubbles with light
clear jars line up like waiting
I try to fill
these though, have limits
their precision of ounces boundlessly satisfying
brown sugar, garlic, onions,
the house dilates with succulence
all 3 cats leave

while I process remembrance
this moment and fruit
hands delighting in exactitude
the fat slow puckers of lemon-
slivered chutney simmering
measured from my planting, staking
the tendrils of vine
I loved with water and bone-
to yield

vinegar sings in the nose
it is October, slash-burning time
when I open the door
the kitchen leaks fragrance into
drowsy afternoon
Trail Islands rise like luminous
stone boats, pink-lapped
riding fog and wood-smoke
to a successful stability, always remarkable
cats curl dusty into gravel
in the kitchen, I ladle inspiration
into jars

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