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Magic: my buddies the Muddy Lotus Wonder Women

Magic is where you find it, on the water, in the garden, in a book.


Wonder Women. Some are old friends, one person turns out to live just down the block from me. These wonderful human beings are my latest writing group. I love how organically we’re proceeding. Turns out screenwriter and story editor Joy Thierry Llewellyn in writing YA novels as well. Barbara Stowe is working in memoir and is an eco-activist, following in her parents’ footsteps; they were the founders of Greenpeace. Poet and memoirist Kate Braid is working on essays.  Andrea Spaulding‘s impressive energy is main going to her visual art projects these days but she has an impressive background in children’s and YA writing. Andy is interested in what we’re uncovering about epublishing.

We call ourselves the Muddy Lotus Wonder Women. Born from a lot of laugher and fuelled with tea, angst and sometimes wine.

While I have a couple of dear friends I get together with for writing retreats every year, and workshop on the phone with, it has been a long time since I’ve had the joy of workshopping face to face.

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